30 October 2014

27th Annual Dinner of IMarEST @ Royale Chulan

The 27th annual dinner for the Malaysian Joint Branch of RINA-IMarEST was successfully held at the Grand Ballroom @ The Royale Chulan Hotel two weeks ago. This is my first time attended the event, despite the university has been sending delegates to attend this since 2012 when we started joined the Institution. It was quite surprising to see the numbers of people attending the dinner - more than 570 - that came from various parts of naval and marine-related industries. Fyi, RINA stands for The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, while IMarEST is the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology - and they're having branches worldwide, and Malaysia made one of the biggest members that they have. (I was conferred Chartered Engineer under IMarEST by the UK Engineering Council, just for the record).

The dinner menu followed the typical Chinese theme - which means there're 9 course meal that the attendees are having that night. If I can truly count, it was actually only 8 course, considering that Chinese tea is not supposed to be considered as part of the coursed meal. Unlike the previous ITEX dinner I attended at KL Convention Centre - 9-course meal really depicted by a 9-course meal in its entirely excluding the beverages.

I think this would be the shortest period of Chinese-style dinner I've ever attended. Not to undermine the hotel, but it seems that the period between the courses was so quick, that at one time I can't truly enjoy the food in longer period! For instance, the soup; by which I was about to have a double serving but the bowl was taken very quickly not even I've finished eating.

How was the quality of the food? I'd rate 6 out of 10. It was ok, not very outstanding (unlike KLCC's where it was so delish!). Anyhow, considering that the dinner is to know people and getting update on the institution's activities for the past and the upcoming, it was a good event. 

And oh, we have Atilia entertaining during half of the night with so many renditions of songs, including a popular song by her mum (Salamiah Hassan) - Gelombang; which I think suit the institution itself that chronicles around ocean and wave. (No pun intended) 

It's good to know that the band is actually from the Royal Navy - which somehow exposed the talents of the recruits.

I dunno what's the beverage really taste. A mix between grapefruit, orange and and sirap limau. Very citrusy and refreshing. And of course, there's Chinese tea too...

The 'dayang' is getting ready to accompany the guest-of-honor.

See the menu. Many courses, but too small portions...

And the pre-dinner show begun; which means later on.. dinner is now served!

The first course - the hot & cold platter. Yup, there's lobster meat.

The second course - seafood soup.

The third course - crispy chicken, which somehow taste like fish (?)

The fifth course - prawn in batter. Sorry I forgot to snap the 4th one. So as the 6th and 7th course... coz the song distracted me though (alasan!)

The final course - sesame soup with sago seed. Not liking this as it tasted weird...

Also, each table was given some lucky draw tickets - 10 per table, i.e. 1 per person. Let's say I was very unlucky (as always!) coz my number wasn't picked, but a member at ours really did win something when his was the lucky one that nite. Oh well...me takder rezeki...

Us, the delegate of fellow Charted Engineers...

Anyway. Despite the event was quite short (started at 8.00, and finished at 9.45 pm), it was a great time to enjoy the food and get to know people around (even it was just those around my table itself). Would I return for the next dinner event in 2015. We'll see - probably yes. After all, I've gotta support the activities done by the Institution, right?

28 October 2014

10 Questions I Learnt About Myself Better

Early this week I did the online questionnaire at Bitecharge regarding the personality traits after seeing some of my friends in Facebook link to the site. [LINK]. It was just for fun coz that's what mostly online quizzes are all about (unless you're the one who took it over-seriously!). So, the results are quite surprisingly cool. Some of it is really good to know, while some is way too OTT to even comprehend.

As those sets of questions I did it just before going to bed, I tried to answer the first thing that came up to my mind without having a second or very long thoughts. Why? Coz that's how your personality is truly being defined most of the time - how you said it the first thing that sprung into your head.

So, what are the 10 questions that I learnt about myself?

1. What type of person are you?

*good to know, coz I do love being in a state of happiness. Sometimes, by making other people happy, I'm happy too! Am I adventurous type of person? I'd like to think so. Chomping the grasshopper, eating cow's brain, climbing the high cliff at Lumut, kayaking alone at Teluk Batik... I think that's pretty safe bet of being adventurous, huh?

2. What's your emotional IQ?

*life is all about balance!

3. What is your calling?

*probably there's some truth in there. :)

4. What two words describe you?

*hmm..... (wait till I'm in my evil mode - I'll definitely in a worst situation you'll encounter!)

5. What amazing quality do you have?

*passion, yes. Sometimes very too passionate about something lead me into a dangerous situation. It creates some sort of adrenaline rush that is beyond control...

6. What is your spiritual power?

*no comment.

7. What animal are you at heart?

*Wise, huh? But not when it comes to spending money - the wiseman is out.

8. How old do you act?

*oh goodness. Scary.... 

9. How old are you at heart?


10. Can we guess your real age?


Anyway, these are all just for fun. Not to be taken seriously.

24 October 2014

Macro Shot with Olloclip

Finally, I managed to put the Olloclip iPhone lens to good use when I did the macro shot early this morning. The results? Pretty good, though most images of the tiny flowers in my 'meadow' (aka the un-coiffured lawn!) looks blurry coz the surrounding was quite windy. How close do I get to the subject? As close as half a centimeters away.

This dying flower could be capture pretty ok as I was standing against the wind direction - so the flower appears slightly static.

 This leaves look quite gross. Is that the frog eggs? Eew...

 Finally, I found some morning dew...

And oh, I managed to capture the video of the ant amidst the grass too...