4 September 2014

Got New Ikea Catalog Yet?

So, the new Ikea catalog is out. You can either go and get the hardcopy at Ikea stores (or get sent to you if you're lucky), or read it online via your iPad or iPhone... or even download it from their website.

But one thing you must know: it seems that the rooms that were featured in Ikea catalog are not a real room after all. What's surprising, 75% were all actually CGI'ed by their graphic team! How advanced was that? (And they've did it since 2008?)

Those who use to take up my CFD projects back here in the lab should've known my usual statement - simulation work save cost by not having to construct real 'physical' item to optimized the design, as you can change its geometry or flow properties just by manipulating variables in front of your monitor. And same thing goes with Ikea, coz compared to traditional photography that requires prototyped furniture to be built and shipped to be photographed, rendering images simplifies the process by removing logistical barriers, reducing costs and speeding up delivery.

See the 'exhibit A' below, and you can notice how simple placement of the tap could be done without much hassle for the plumber to do it in real life. Safe the cost for hiring the plumber anyway!

But c'mon, photoshopping furniture wouldn't be like photoshopping models - you can't make that KARLSTAD sofa any skinnier though!

Read the actual revelation HERE and HERE.

21 August 2014

The Rules for Being Amazing

I hope I could do all of these. It's never too late to be amazing...!

31 July 2014

I Should Eat More Mutton

My cousin, Muhammad, held an aqiqah for his newly-born daughter today. And as part of the ceremony, mutton is served for the guests who came for the kenduri at my aunt's house @ kampung. I never had mutton for quite a long time - almost none maybe, since I've last tried it years ago. It's all because of the experience I had back then when the meat of the goat gave a slight aftertaste that lingers in the throat due to the smell of the meat itself. If someone doesn't know how to cook mutton, the tang is even more pronounced - giving a setback for those who never tried the meat before.

But not this time during the kenduri aqiqah. I dunno how my mum and my aunt did it - the mutton curry has none of the aftertaste effect. Coupled with nasi minyak from the basmathi rice, the dish was amazing. I have no reservations except to really tambah nasi three times!

That brings me to my other point: maybe I should try to eat mutton more from this now on. There're quite a lot of ready-sliced mutton being sold at the supermarket these days becoz people started to see its benefit. In fact, mutton is one of the favorite meat of the Prophet Muhammad SAW himself. Many in the hadiths also stated about his consumption of this meat. In the book that I recently bought at MPH Bookstore entitled 'Resepi Pemakanan Rasulullah', it stated in one of the chapter about the health benefit of the mutton compared to the other meats that are typically consumed by people.

Below are the comparison of mutton to the other meats in term of calorie, fat, saturated fat, protein and iron contents. The statistics stated in the book are actually referred to the USDA Handbook #8 (1989) - therefore the source is a proven credible. The study was carried out for each 3 oz (~85 g) of meat that has been roasted accordingly for the nutritional contents analysis. 

Of all the meats investigated, it shows that mutton is superior when it comes to the health benefits. 
  • It has an appreciably lower calorific value - hence, great for those in the dieting mode.
  • Lowest fat and saturated fat. 
  • Highest protein content, as comparable as beef.
  • Highest iron content. (Read the importance of of iron in the diet HERE, HERE and HERE)

Having said that, maybe I should shift my attention from just beef and chicken, to the mutton instead. And of course, I should find ways how to remove its aftertaste zing during cooking too...

*pork is stated in the statistics to scientifically proved why Allah prohibit us from consuming the meat from the swine. 

Statistics from the book. Illustration by your's truly.

This is the book that I previously bought. Very simple book, but highly beneficial.