24 October 2014

Macro Shot with Olloclip

Finally, I managed to put the Olloclip iPhone lens to good use when I did the macro shot early this morning. The results? Pretty good, though most images of the tiny flowers in my 'meadow' (aka the un-coiffured lawn!) looks blurry coz the surrounding was quite windy. How close do I get to the subject? As close as half a centimeters away.

This dying flower could be capture pretty ok as I was standing against the wind direction - so the flower appears slightly static.

 This leaves look quite gross. Is that the frog eggs? Eew...

 Finally, I found some morning dew...

And oh, I managed to capture the video of the ant amidst the grass too...

12 October 2014

8 October 2014

Aidilfitri 2014 : Day 2. Part 3.

This is another tradition by the BigfatClan on the 2nd day of raya - acara main bunga api. Bukan 1, bukan 2 tapi yang banyak sangat bunga api pada malam tu. Ada macam2 kaler. Ada jugak yg 30 das punya. Sekali tengok punya lah macam opening sukan olimpik! 

To snap the pix of the fireworks is not easy coz it took slow shutter to really capture the light trail. And it also depends on the 'bloom' of the burst. Some of the firecracker that's been exposed to the air won't be giving beautiful bloom compared to those that's kept unwrapped in its packaging.