1 October 2014

KLCC at Night

My favorite spot when taking the pix of the PETRONAS Twin Tower is either at the junction of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for the view of its front (in front of Public Bank), or at Jalan P Ramlee, moving towards the crossroads of Jalan Ampang. Good spots for the shot!

29 September 2014

What Marketing Strategies Could You Learn from Disney Princesses?

We all know that Disney movies are mostly targeted to the kids, especially to the little girls, to give them hope that somehow one day their 'dreams can come true'. Well, no doubt about that - which I think is a positive thing. We've gotta nurture our young generations to have a good aptitude towards life, and what better than to give the message through what they like best i.e. animated stories.

But again, when it comes to Disney, one can never set apart from its utmost popular characters - the princesses. Either as early as Snow White with her Seven Dwarfs friends, to Pocahontas for her Native American ancestors, to Mulan for her bravery in joining the war during the ancient days, and now to Elsa of Frozen who suddenly became a huge worldwide phenomenon; the princesses are the one that made Disney as a cult till this day.

Somehow, somebody out there care enough to bring the idea of Disney princesses into a new thinking dimension. Have you ever wonder that you can learn some lessons from the character and apply it as marketing strategies? Click through the slideshare below, and I hope it could inspire you too.

So, could Disney princes be up next?

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